IStip Annual Report


“You have, over the years, developed the level of service and support to your NQTs and schools that we regard as exemplary practice for an Appropriate Body.” – Department for Education

2017-18 NQT Cohort

NQT numbers stood at 1036 this year. Of these:

  • 47% are aged between 21 and 25
  • 30% are aged between 26 and 30
  • 13% are aged between 31 and 40
  • 10% are over 40
  • 91% were full time
  • 9% were part time

After induction:

  • 99% of the cohort is remaining in teaching,
    and 87% of these are remaining in their current school

Headline Statistics for 2017-18

  • NQTs starting induction: 1009
  • NQTs validated by Panel: 951
  • Schools visited for Quality Assurance Purposes: 240
  • Schools who were NQT Regional Training Centres: 26
  • Training Sessions for Tutors/Mentors: 11
  • Tutors/Mentors Trained: 547
  • Bespoke Training Courses: 8
  • Overseas Schools with NQTs completing induction: 23

NQTs ‘At Risk’

Of the 1009 NQTs who began induction last year, 28 were deemed to be ‘at risk of failure’ (2.7%). Of these, 15 passed, 8 left or were dismissed with induction incomplete, 3 had induction extended and 2 will continue with induction in 2018-19.

Quality Assurance Officers

At the end of this academic year, we said farewell to Carole Baker who had served as a QA Officer for 4 years. Prior to that, she had been the ISA representative on Panel (since 2008). Her commitment to IStip and her experience have been a great asset over the years, and she will be missed.

We welcomed Diana Rose to the team in September. A former Head of The Royal Masonic School and a governor at several independent schools, as well as a longstanding member of The Wolfson Foundation Education Panel, we are pleased to be able to benefit from her experience in and knowledge of the education sector.

Quality Assurance of the IStip Service

  • IStip surveys its Induction Tutors annually about the service it provides to schools. Feedback about our communication was excellent; 97% found the quality assurance visit they had received to be a positive and supportive experience; 98% found the paperwork to be helpful; 99% found the online NQT Manager to be easy to access and use; and 99% found the IStip website to be easy to use. Full survey results are available on the IStip website.