IStip Panel

The induction process is overseen by a Panel whose members represent the 5 Heads’ Associations, COBIS and a representative with Local Authority experience.

As per the 2021 Statutory Guidance, The Panel has key responsibilities:

  • To assure itself that schools understand and are able to meet their responsibilities for monitoring, support (underpinned by the ECF) and guidance and for undertaking a rigorous and equitable assessment of the ECT; and
  • To decide, in the light of the head’s recommendation, whether an ECT has satisfactorily completed the induction period, and to communicate this decision to the ECT, the head, and the TRA.

It also:

  • Verifies that the school has checked whether an ECT has QTS
  • Provides or co-ordinate guidance and support for the ECT’s professional development
  • Maintains records and assessment reports for each ECT
  • Ensures that head teachers and governing bodies are aware of, and are capable of meeting, their responsibilities for monitoring, support (underpinned by the ECF) and assessment and guidance, and for undertaking a rigorous and equitable assessment of ECTs
  • Identifies a named contact with whom the ECT may raise concerns about their induction
  • Responds to requests from schools for guidance, support, assistance and training
  • Decides if it is appropriate to shorten or extend an induction period in exceptional circumstances

Current Members

Chair: Claire Robinson
Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS)

Head, Holme Grange School
Heathlands Road
Berks RG40 3AL

Telephone: 0118 9781566

Stephen Lehec
Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC)

Kingston Grammer School
London Road, Kingston
Surrey KT2 6PY

Telephone: 0208 546 5875

GSA LogoKatharine Woodcock
Girls’ School Association (GSA)

Sydenham High School
19, Westwood Hill,
Sydenham, SE26 6BL

Telephone: 0208 557 7000

Francie Healy
The Society of Heads

Bethany School
Kent TN17 1LB

Telephone: 01580 211273

Matthew Burke
Independent Schools Association (ISA)

St Edward’s School
Charlton Kings
Gloucestershire GL53 8EY

Telephone: 01242 388555

Kim Easton
Local Authority

Telephone: N/A

Jennifer Bray

31 The Esplanade

Telephone: 07906 224573
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