Information regarding the induction process and COVID-19

The Department for Education has published guidance relating to NQT induction and COVID-19, updated on May 1 2020. Click here for details.

Further to the DfE’s guidance that NQT induction will not be affected by school closures, please see below for some advice on how the induction process can continue during this period.

We are aware that some aspects of the process are going to be easier to continue than others, therefore please do not worry if you cannot complete everything as you would have done previously.

Conducting the Process Remotely

Regular Meetings

Where possible, the regular meetings could continue via telephone or online (Skype/Zoom). It maybe that these meetings become fortnightly rather than weekly.

Formal Progress Review Meetings

As with the regular meetings, these could take place via telephone or online. If records are held online via remote access, documentation can be completed online.

If the NQT has paper records, it may be that they need to email you examples of their progress against each Standard, that can be discussed at the meeting you are holding, and then added into the minutes of the formal progress review.

Evidence Tracker

If teaching and learning is taking place remotely, this is usable evidence of Part One, and indeed Part Two of the Standards. Please see below for some ideas of what could be considered when discussing evidence of progress.

If an NQT is furloughed, they could include any PD or reading that they complete as evidence of their progress against the Teachers’ Standards.


The NQT will probably have targets that arise from the setting of work remotely.

Lesson observations of and by the NQT

If lesson observations of, and by, NQTs can be done remotely then please do so. In terms of recording these formally, please do what you feel is appropriate. We are aware that there needs to be flexibility within this.

NQTs will not be at a disadvantage if lesson observations cannot take place/are not appropriate.

Finally, please see below for an idea of the areas you may wish to consider when discussing induction during regular meetings:

  • how remote T&L delivery takes place?
  • how NQTs are engaging with the pupils’ learning?
  • how relationships are maintained?
  • how child well-being and safeguarding issues are addressed?
  • how adaptable the NQT is?
  • what support do they need from you?
  • how are they managing their own well-being and resilience?

If you have any questions about the induction process and how it may be affected by school closures, please do get in touch.

This guidance can also be downloaded in PDF format.

Page updated on May 1, 2020

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