After induction

What happens next?

This flowchart outlines what happens once your final assessment has been sent to IStip:

Final assessment completed and sent to IStip via NQT Manager

Next comes

Status will remain as ‘needs review’ until read and accepted by IStip – this can take up to three weeks

Next comes

Once reviewed and accepted, ECT status will change to ‘passed’. If the form is returned for additional comment, ECT and Induction tutor will be emailed. Form must be re-signed by all parties.

Next comes

IStip Panel meet to validate recent induction passes. This happens in September, November, February and May; any assessments completed after a Panel meeting will not be validated until the next one.

Next comes

IStip sends the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) a list of all ECTs who have successfully completed induction. Emails will be sent to ECTs, tutors and Heads from IStip confirming validation of induction. Please ensure we have up to date contact details for you.

Next comes

Certificates are no longer sent out by the TRA, but ECTs can log in to the secure access website at to download one

Ongoing professional development

Induction is the end of your qualifying period, but further continuing professional development (CPD), whether internal or external, formal or informal, will continue. Some useful resources for CDP are included below.

Our Associations

Further down the career line, education departments of universities offer MA and MBA courses in educational leadership and management.

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