Before Induction

Before Induction

Before an Early Career Teacher starts their induction, they must have been awarded QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). 

Obtaining QTS in England

There are several routes to QTS and further details can be found at  

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS)

A teacher with QTLS is exempt from induction and will not need to be registered with ISTIP. They will need to be members of the Society of Education and Training. 

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

QTS awarded in Wales is automatically awarded in England. 
Teachers who have trained in Scotland or Northern Ireland (and have not completed their probation) will need to have their qualification recognised and can then be awarded QTS.  
Further details can be found here

Overseas teachers

For teachers who have trained or taught overseas, please use the link below for more information  
How to obtain QTS with overseas teaching experience