Before Induction

Each year over 900 ECTs (Early Career Teachers) begin induction in our schools.

Over 80% of them are still teaching three years later, often at the same school. Before embarking on their induction year, they acquired Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Although QTS is not mandatory in the independent sector, it is highly recommended and many choose to acquire it, because it gives portability across all sectors for teachers, and a consistent way of assessing candidates’ qualifications for heads.

Qualifying outside England

There are several ways of qualifying, including information for those based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, or from inside or outside the European Economic Area.

Other sources of information about qualifying

If you are considering working in an independent school, then the websites of the Independent Schools Council, and Independent Schools Inspectorate can give you more information on the sector and the schools within it.

Initial Teacher Training

Initial Teacher Training (ITT) – and routes into Qualified Teacher Status – is the same across all sectors.

If you are researching routes into qualifying as a teacher and acquiring QTS, the Get Into Teaching website has an enormous amount of information about these, from training courses at a higher education institute and training on the job to information on how to gather a portfolio of evidence as part of an assessment-only route to QTS.

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