Induction case studies

Induction information for NQTs

Jonathan A. Cooper, History Teacher

How I have benefited from the support and guidance in school in general and during induction in particular.

I was enjoying my last few weeks of my PGCE, having finally got to grips with my assigned classes and the intricacies of the lesson planning process, so I was no longer spending four times as long planning a lesson as actually teaching it. Then I received an email from my new Head of Department…

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Joanna Deekes, Classics Teacher

Tutoring and Pastoral Responsibilities as an NQT

I think most NQTs would agree that the pastoral side of teaching is given little coverage during the PGCE year as the demands of learning how to teach, refreshing one’s own learning and dealing with classroom management issues appear far more important in terms of learning the craft of the classroom…

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Dr Luke Ronaldson, Maths Teacher

The difference between a year as a PGCE trainee and NQT.

One of the most noticeable differences between my PGCE year and my first year as an NQT is that as an NQT, I am much busier. However, I would never tolerate working so hard if I didn’t find most aspects of the job immensely enjoyable and satisfying…

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