2020-21 Pro Formas: Downloads

Induction information for NQTs

Along with the NQT Guide, we have compiled a collection of all key forms (based on the Minimum Requirements of Evidence document) for you to download and use, either electronically or in hard copy. Also included are guides to observing lessons and to the Action/Development Plan, along with exemplar assessment forms and a guide on common errors. You can download the forms individually or as a single ZIP archive.

You are reminded about IStip’s intellectual property rights and the terms and conditions of use of our material (including this website). If you reached this page without agreeing to the terms and conditions of use of this material, please do so now before proceeding.

Download forms and guides for 2020-21

You can download the documents you will need for your induction here as individual items. Clicking on the links below should download and open the document on your hard drive. To save a copy without opening it, right-click and choose ‘Download’ or ‘Save as’.

Essential Reading

Before Induction Commences

Capturing Evidence

Setting Targets

Lesson Observations

Regular Meetings

Formal Progress Review Meetings


Unsatisfactory Progress

Complete set of pro forma documents

If you wish to download a complete set of the pro forma documents (not including the IStip Guide for NQTs, or the IStip Guide for Induction Tutors) then you can do so here:

Please note that in order to make use of this feature, your school or ISP firewall security settings must allow you to download and access ZIP files.

If you experience any problems downloading the forms, please contact one of the IStip officers at headquarters for assistance.

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