Training for ECTs

Induction information for ECTs

IStip runs professional development for ECTs online and in schools. A programme for each term will be sent directly to ECTs and their Tutors.

The courses are generic, and although you will find yourself with other ECTs with whom you have much in common, the sessions are not subject or curriculum specific, although some centres will run separate sessions for different key stages. IStip chooses to focus on issues which are relevant to all ECTs: classroom management, relations with parents and coping with the rigours of the first years of teaching.

Details of your regional centre will be sent to you by IStip, and the centre will contact you directly with further details about the day. These sessions are formal professional development, and you should RSVP, and dress as you would for a (formal) day at work.

Experienced ECTs

If you have a reduced period of induction then these sessions may not be as relevant for you, and you should discuss with your tutor whether you might better spend the time on other CPD.

Further information

A full list of regional training centres is available.

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