Induction information for Coordinators and Tutors

This section is here to help you fulfil your role as an Induction Coordinator or Tutor, and to save you time. You can navigate the contents via the tabs at the top. If you can’t find an answer, or you’d rather have a conversation with one of us, then please do get in touch. We value your opinion about our service, and each year we survey all Coordinators and Tutors to ask them what they think.

Your role

As an Induction Coordinator or Tutor you will be responsible for monitoring and supporting your newly qualified teacher (NQT) through their induction year, or longer if they are part time.

To start with, please make sure you’re up to date with the latest version of the Statutory Guidance on Induction as revised in April 2018, and the Teachers’ Standards.

Once underway, there are certain key things you need to ensure you do over the induction period:

  • You need to register your NQT before induction may begin;
  • You need to have an understanding of the process, and the standards;
  • You need to organise and implement an individualised programme of support for your NQT, and make them aware of their responsibilities in the process;
  • You need to take responsibility for a secure evidence trail for the process.

The statutory guidance says you must have time to undertake this role (we’d recommend a minimum of one period per week, per NQT) and you should be trained to do it.

You may be sharing the role with others, as induction may be overseen by more than one person in your school – for example, an overseeing induction coordinator dealing with whole school issues and a subject or key stage tutor who has oversight of the NQT on a daily basis. It’s up to each school to decide how best the process can be organised in order to ensure that your NQTs are sufficiently monitored and supported and that there is a rigorous evidence trail.