Induction Tutor Survey

2016-2017 Survey

Each year we send our Induction Coordinators and Tutors a brief survey to obtain their views about the IStip service, including training courses offered, and the quality assurance visit.

This year, 318 of 1181 emailed completed the survey (27%). All tutors were emailed, but not all had NQTs. In each case, the figure in brackets is for 2015-2016 where applicable and available.

1. Communication

Please rate the following as Excellent/Good/Satisfactory/Poor

IStip email contact:

  • Excellent: 84.0% (87.8%)
  • Good: 12.3% (9.3%)
  • Satisfactory: 0.6% (0.4%)
  • Poor: 0.0% (0.0%)
  • N/A (no contact): 3.1% (2.4%)

Telephone contact:

  • Excellent: 50.6% (46.7%)
  • Good: 7.9% (6.1%)
  • Satisfactory: 1.3% (0.4%)
  • Poor: 0.0% (0.0%)
  • N/A (no contact): 40.3% (46.9%)


  • Always quick to respond to queries and very supportive.
  • You are always extremely helpful and very approachable – thank you.
  • I am always impressed with the personal service provided.
  • Good reminders for key events/dates.

2. Quality Assurance

Has your school had a Quality Assurance visit in the past year?

  • Yes: 45.6% (42.3%)
  • No: 54.0% (56.5%)
  • Not sure: 0.4% (1.2%)

If yes, was it helpful?

  • Yes: 97.2% (100.0%)
  • No: 0.7% (0.0%)
  • Yes and No: 4.9% (0.0%)

Any additional comments regarding the visit?

  • Good communication, clear guidelines, very useful and fair feedback to aim for best practice.
  • Very detailed, perceptive and encouraging.
  • Ensured we were on the right track, very positive and helpful – thank you!
  • As a first-time mentor, I found the feedback useful.
  • Some useful tips for improving our processes.
  • I felt the focus was entirely the paperwork and it would be helpful to talk further about the NQT as an individual.

3. Training

Have you attended IStip training this year?

  • Yes: 39.4% (42.6%)
  • No: 60.6% (57.4%)

Was it helpful?

  • Yes: 93.4% (89.7%)
  • No: 1.6% (0.0%)
  • Yes and no: 4.9% (10.3%)

Any additional comments regarding the training?

  • Structured, systematic, clear and helpful.
  • Excellent delivery – presenters instilled confidence.
  • The exemplar material and outline of procedures were most useful.
  • The group discussions were useful.
  • There were too many PPT slides to maintain concentration and too much listening was required for lengthy periods of time.

4. IStip Paperwork/Pro Formas

Have you found this helpful?

  • Yes: 97.5% (98.0%)
  • No: 2.2% (0.0%)
  • Yes and No: 0.3% (1.6%)

Which particular forms did you find most useful? Listed in order of popularity:

  1. Exemplars (especially assessment) (1)
  2. Lesson Observation Form (3)
  3. Evidence tracker (2)
  4. Progress Review Meeting Forms (4)
  5. Action/Development Plan (5)
  6. Regular Meeting Minutes (7)
  7. ROI (-)
  8. Assessment Guide (-)

A large number of responses said “All”.

Any other comments about the paperwork:

  • Well structured, easy to follow.
  • Helpful and fully comprehensive.
  • Just the right amount – delighted to be part of a course that doesn’t overload with unnecessary paperwork.
  • There is a template for everything making the mentoring process easy to complete.
  • The replacement for the audit trail is an improvement.
  • One for regular meeting not particularly helpful.
  • It seemed a little excessive to have to do a half term review and a full term assessment at the end of each term.
  • Some overlap to various forms, which could be reduced.
  • It is onerous and time-consuming.
  • The new record of induction is cumbersome.
  • Now that many things are filled in online, my only concern is the need to sign and date things such as the action plan and evidence trackers which my NQT stores and updates online.

(There was some correlation between those not trained and those finding the paperwork repetitive or onerous)

5. Online NQT Manager

Have you registered an NQT onto the NQT Manager system this year?

  • Yes: 81.7% (84.7%)
  • No: 18.3% (15.3%)

Have you found the system easy to access?

  • Yes: 98.9% (98.1%)
  • No: 1.1% (0.0%)
  • Yes and no: 0.0% (1.9%)

Have you found the system easy to use?

  • Yes: 98.9% (98.5%)
  • No: 0.7% (0.5%)
  • Yes and no: 0.4% (1.0%)

Have you any additional comments about NQT Manager?

  • Very impressed with the on-line system.
  • Have always found it straightforward to use.
  • Very user friendly, intuitive to use.
  • Occasionally we have had issues with saving drafts.
  • It took some doing the first year I had to navigate it.

6. IStip website

Have you visited this year?

  • Yes: 82.6% (90.4%)
  • No: 17.4% (9.6%)

Many ICs now download IStip proformas for their ITs.

Have you found the website easy to access?

  • Yes: 99.6% (88.1%)
  • No: 0.4% (9.6%)
  • Yes and no: 0.0% (1.9%)

Have you found the website easy to use?

  • Yes: 99.2% (97.3%)
  • No: 0.4% (0.9%)
  • Yes and no: 0.4% (1.8%)

Have you any additional comments about

  • Have always found useful to access proformas etc.
  • User friendly and very practical.
  • Very through, organised and supportive for student and mentor
  • The important documents are downloaded to an area on the school system which all mentors can access. (so no need to use website)

7. Is there any further support we could offer you?

  • Any thoughts of an on-line NQT plus 1 programme?
  • Access to network of NQT induction coordinators at other schools?
  • 1 – 2 hr on line refresher course for experienced mentors
  • No, I am very impressed by the level of support offered and how helpful everyone is when I have phoned for advice. Thank you for making life easier!

8. Do you have any other comments about IStip?

  • Thank you for providing a really great, helpful and supportive service.
  • Extremely professional; proud to be associated with the organisation
  • An excellent system staffed by excellent people. Long may it continue.
  • Having used several other induction and PGCE systems over the years, I consider this to be the most robust and well-structured system.
  • Always really helpful – and patient!
  • I really appreciated the written feedback received after each Assessment was submitted and validated.
  • I have a sought a lot of advice this year with an ‘at risk’ NQT and have found the advice received very helpful.
  • All good. Always very helpful and friendly. NQT’s have found regional meetings particularly good this year.

Further information

You can also review the results of earlier Induction Tutor surveys.