Induction Tutor Survey

2015-2016 Survey

Each year we send our Induction Tutors and Mentors a brief survey to obtain their views about the IStip service, including training courses offered, and the quality assurance visit.

This year, 246 of 1151 emailed completed the survey (21%). All tutors were emailed, but not all had NQTs. In each case, the figure in brackets is for 2014-2015 where applicable and available.

1. Communication

Please rate the following as Excellent/Good/Satisfactory/Poor

IStip email contact:

  • Excellent: 87.8% (79%)
  • Good: 9.3% (16%)
  • Satisfactory: 0.4% (2%)
  • Poor: 0.0% (0.0%)
  • No contact: 2.4% (3.0%)

Telephone contact:

  • Excellent: 46.7% (42.0%)
  • Good: 6.1% (8.0%)
  • Satisfactory: 0.4% (0.5%)
  • Poor: 0.0% (0.5%)
  • No contact: 46.9% (49.0%)


  • Quick and efficient.
  • I am always pleased that there is someone at the end of the phone to answer the queries that crop up over the year.
  • It was difficult to get in touch with somebody to speak to during the school holidays.

2. Quality Assurance

Has your school had a Quality Assurance visit in the past year?

  • Yes: 42.3% (40.0%)
  • No: 56.5% (59.0%)
  • Not sure: 1.2% (1.0%)

If yes, was it helpful?

  • Yes: 100.0% (97.0%)
  • No: 0.0% (2.0%)
  • Yes and No: 0.0% (1.0%)
  • Any additional comments regarding the visit?
  • Very professional visit. Very thorough scrutiny of the evidence.
  • Practical and pragmatic approach
  • Supportive
  • Useful suggestions
  • Our QA was carried out via Skype. I found the process to be useful and informative
  • Good reassurance
  • A genuinely positive process for all involved
  • Could have been a bit more supportive

3. Training

Have you attended IStip training this year?

  • Yes: 42.6% (36.0%)
  • No: 57.4% (64.0%)

Was it helpful?

  • Yes: 89.7% (80.0%)
  • No: 0.0% (0.0%)
  • N/A: 10.3% (20.0%) [Note: training was due to take place in the summer term]

Any additional comments regarding the training?

  • A very useful refresher.
  • Extremely helpful and informative.
  • Useful, to the point and well delivered.
  • It really helped to get the volume of paperwork into order.
  • group discussions were particularly helpful.
  • Presenters made it interesting.
  • I feel that EY’s and KS 1 NQT training should have a portion of the day to concentrate on these two key stages.

4. IStip Paperwork/Pro Formas

Have you found this helpful?

  • Yes: 98.0% (91.0%)
  • No: 0.0% (1.5%)
  • Yes and No: 1.6% (4%)
  • N/A: 0.4% (3.5%)

Which particular forms did you find most useful? Listed in order of popularity:

  1. Exemplars (3)
  2. Evidence tracker (1)
  3. Lesson Observation Form (2)
  4. Progress Review Meeting Forms (4)
  5. Action/Development Plan (7)
  6. Timeline (6)
  7. Regular Meeting Minutes (5)

Any other comments about the paperwork:

  • Clear and easy to use.
  • Ensure that consistency of approach can be achieved.
  • Good system – works well.
  • After the training it is much easier to get to grips with.
  • Invaluable.
  • Repetitive.
  • There is a lot of it.
  • The form to record weekly meetings is confusing with so many sections.
  • We found completing one of the half termly progress reviews tricky this year, as we had a four-week half term in the Spring.
  • Dual entry on minutes and evidence tracker. (not trained)

5. Online NQT Manager

Have you registered an NQT onto the NQT Manager system this year?

  • Yes: 84.7% (82.0%)
  • No: 15.3% (18.0%)

Have you found the system easy to access?

  • Yes: 98.1% (99.5%)
  • No: 0.0% (0.5%)
  • Yes and no: 1.9% (N/A)

Have you found the system easy to use?

  • Yes: 98.5% (99.0%)
  • No: 0.5% (1.0%)
  • Yes and no: 1.0% (N/A)

Have you any additional comments about NQT Manager?

  • Clear, easy to use and very helpful.
  • Prompts for Headteacher’s comments/signature particularly useful.
  • The text entry process for the assessment forms isn’t particularly easy.
  • It is harder to use if you have not got a straight forward ‘one year NQT’ i.e. a part timer.

6. IStip website

Have you visited this year?

  • Yes: 90.4% (90.0%)
  • No: 9.6% (10.0%)

Have you found the website easy to access?

  • Yes: 98.1% (99%)
  • No: 9.6% (1%)
  • Yes and no: 1.9% (N/A)

Have you found the website easy to use?

  • Yes: 97.3% (99%)
  • No: 0.9% (1%)
  • Yes and no: 1.8% (N/A)

Have you any additional comments about

  • Clearly signposted.
  • Lots of information.
  • It is very useful to be able to download all the necessary paperwork.
  • I used the links in emails to access what I needed.

7. Is there any further support we could offer you?

  • Training on how to observe lessons.
  • Make the job of a school’s NQT manager much clearer. Offer them a separate/extra course?
  • Is there any way that there could be a phone discussion to ensure that the IT/Mentor are on the right track to support them.
  • More specific and practical activities to implement in the classroom for each standard to give NQTs different things to try out.
  • No – I’ve really found all the support brilliant – thank you!

8. Do you have any other comments about IStip?

  • Thank you for all the help and support throughout the year. You have provided an excellent service.
  • I thoroughly enjoy working with IStip – support is very strong.
  • I have felt well informed and when necessary well supported in the process.
  • You run a robust and efficient system that all parties have faith in.
  • Judith and Tamazin have both been very helpful this year; emails are answered promptly, and solutions always found! Thank you.
  • The quality of support is absolutely outstanding; thanks so much to you and your team for all that you do.
  • The feedback on assessment reports is useful and timely.
  • The NQTs always have very positive comments about the regional meetings.
  • Make this form electronic – easier for you and us!

Further information

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