Induction Tutor Survey

2019-2020 Survey

Each year we send our Induction Coordinators and Tutors a brief survey to obtain their views about the IStip service, including training courses offered, and the quality assurance visit.

This year, 202 of those contacted completed the survey compared to 303 last year. Figures shown in brackets are for 2018-2019. This year the survey was conducted during COVID-19 pandemic and utilised the online market research tool Survey Monkey for the first time.

1. Communication

Please rate the following as Excellent/Good/Satisfactory/Poor

Email contact:

  • Excellent: 90% (82%)
  • Good: 9% (14%)
  • Satisfactory: 1% (1.5%)
  • Poor: 0% (0%)

Telephone contact:

  • Excellent: 28% (36%)
  • Good: 3% (5%)
  • Satisfactory: 0% (0.7%)
  • Poor: 0% (0.3%)
  • N/A (no contact): 69% (58%)

2. Quality Assurance Visit

Has your school had a Quality Assurance visit from one of our QA Officers this academic year?

  • Yes: 40% (59%)
  • No: 60% (39%)

If yes, was it helpful?

  • Yes: 93% (97%)
  • No: 7% (1.5%)
  • No answer/don’t know: 0% (1.5%)

Any additional comments regarding the visit?

  • ‘Great to get feedback so early on in the year. The tutor induction from IStip was so comprehensive that things were going smoothly, but it’s really good to know for certain.’
  • ‘Judith was incredibly helpful and reassuring – lots of practical advice and support.’
  • ‘The visit clarified some of my assessment questions. Feedback was very useful. This was a positive experience.’
  • ‘Excellent support, advice and expertise offered to us during this visit. It reassured us that we were following the NQT induction process well and that our paperwork was all completed accurately.’
  • ‘I felt that the “inspector” wasn’t willing to take on board some of my views of the process and just talked at me.’

3. Training

Have you attended any IStip training this academic year?

  • Yes: 53% (43%)
  • No: 47% (57%)

If yes, which session/s did you attend?

  • Face to face tutor training: 64%
  • Webinar tutor training: 24%
  • Emma Gleadhill ‘soft skills’ training: 23%

Was the training helpful?

  • Yes: 90%
  • No: 10%

Any other comments regarding the training?

  • ‘Extremely comprehensive, clear, interesting and enjoyable. Thank you!’
  • ‘As a new mentor I felt the processes of the mentoring year were very well explained. The pack of resources we were given proved a useful reference point all year and the exemplars were particularly helpful.’
  • ‘Very informative, ‘real’ practical advice and a clarity of message.
  • ‘Works well as 2 x twilight sessions. Great that facilitators could adapt to this method of delivery so effectively.’
  • ‘My induction tutor attended the webinar ( I am responding to this questionnaire as the Headteacher) and felt it told her nothing new, but equally did not go through the way information needed to be presented. As an experienced mentor/induction tutor, who needed an update, she did not feel this was what she received.’

4. IStip Paperwork/Pro Formas

Have you found this helpful?

  • Yes: 94% (97.8%)
  • No: 6% (1.6%)

Which forms did you find most useful?

  • The Tutor/NQT Guides
  • Exemplars (assessments)
  • Evidence Tracker
  • ADP
  • LO Forms (of)

Any other comments about the paperwork:

  • ‘Well designed, easy to access on the website, easy to complete.’
  • ‘Just the right amount – clear and easy to complete. Could some of the other forms be added to NQT manager and able to be completed online for easy access by everyone involved in the NQT training?’ (They will be for September 2021)
  • ‘It is exceptionally well organised.’
  • ‘Having to write 2 Progress Review meeting minutes and then the assessment form seems very repetitive. Could the assessment form just have two parts – for one half term and then the other and submit? Would avoid lots of extra work, copying and pasting and rewording.’
  • ‘Can feel rather repetitive – I think there could be a more efficient and less time-consuming way of recording progress.’

As in previous years, the negative comments about the paperwork focused on repetition and volume, particularly in the second half of term when writing a formal progress review and an assessment form. This will change in September 2021.

5. Online NQT Manager

Have you registered an NQT onto the NQT Manager system this year?

  • Yes: 70% (80%)
  • No: 30% (20%)

Have you found the system easy to access?

  • Yes: 82% (98%)
  • No: 2% (2%)
  • N/A *: 16% (-)

* New option, so no comparable data from 2018-19

Have you found the system easy to use?

  • Yes: 87% (98.5%)
  • No: 2% (1.5%)
  • N/A *: 11% (-)

* New option, so no comparable data from 2018-19

Have you any additional comments about NQT Manager?

  • ‘Really easy to use – could some of the other forms be made available on the NQT manager as online forms for ease of access and sharing?’
  • ‘It is clear and easy to navigate.
  • ‘The stupid username and password make it a nightmare – I’d like to be able to use something sensible here please! Every time I access it I have to reset both as I never remember them.’

6. IStip website

Have you visited our main website this year?

  • Yes: 74% (85%)
  • No: 26% (15%)

Have you found the website easy to access/use?

  • Yes: 75% (100%)
  • No: 1% (0%)
  • N/A *: 24% (-)

* New option, so no comparable data from 2018-19

Have you any additional comments about

  • ‘Very comprehensive and easy to use – thank you.’
  • ‘Only used it briefly.’
  • ‘Judith and Tamazin always very helpful and happy to help with questions / queries.’

7. Is there any further support we could offer you?

  • ‘We have felt well supported by IStip this year. Communication has been excellent, clear and practical, especially reassuring during lockdown!’
  • ‘No thank you – your support has been great!’
  • ‘I would really like support with how the NQT training is to be structured when it changes to 2 years in 2021. Especially to brief SLT about what this needs to look like in terms of time and resources as they are not fabulous at recognising the importance of this.’
  • ‘No.It was comforting to know that Tamsin and Judith were available if needed and I visited a drop-in webinar for mentors that was useful and they presented well and answered questions well – knowledgeably and with much practical common sense.’
  • ‘No.The level of support is superb, and both Judith and Tamazin are brilliant.’

The majority of responses stated that no further support was required. Of course we will be offering a great deal of information, briefing and training on new Induction.

8. Do you have any other comments about IStip?

  • ‘Just to say thank you! You do a great job of supporting the schools and the NQTs.’
  • ‘The weekly emails have been really useful this term.’
  • ‘The volume of mail this term has been too high. Given the extra pressure that teachers have been under this term adapting to new teaching and new systems the amount of mail was not helpful.’
  • ‘An outstanding and user-friendly experience. I would happily recruit another NQT and use IStip again if the opportunity presented itself.’
  • ‘Thank you. I appreciate your efforts to try to make the process simple and to treat the NQT as a professional and not a student.’
  • ‘The people involved in teacher-induction are lovely, hugely experienced and very professional.’
  • ‘During lockdown and school closure IStip continued to support NQTs and mentors via on-line webinars, virtual meetings and regular emails. I found this most supportive and enabled me to continue to support our NQT to the very best of my ability. Thank you!’
  • ‘Thanks for your support through the process…much appreciated.’
  • ‘You have been brilliant as always, especially in these strange circumstances. I always immensely appreciate your common sense, responsive and sensitive approach.’
  • ‘Great organisation- just wish there was slightly less paperwork!’

Further information

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