Induction Tutor Survey

2017-2018 Survey

Each year we send our Induction Coordinators and Tutors a brief survey to obtain their views about the IStip service, including training courses offered, and the quality assurance visit.

This year, 285 of 1152 emailed completed the survey (25%). All tutors were emailed, but not all had NQTs. In each case, the figure in brackets is for 2016-2017.

1. Communication

Please rate the following as Excellent/Good/Satisfactory/Poor

IStip email contact:

  • Excellent: 86.0% (84.0%)
  • Good: 13.0% (12.3%)
  • Satisfactory: 0.0% (0.6%)
  • Poor: 0.0% (0.0%)
  • N/A (no contact): 1.0% (3.1%)

Telephone contact:

  • Excellent: 33.0% (50.6%)
  • Good: 5.9% (7.9%)
  • Satisfactory: 0.1% (1.3%)
  • Poor: 0.0% (0.0%)
  • N/A (no contact): 61.0% (40.3%)

2. Quality Assurance Visit

Has your school had a Quality Assurance visit from one of our QA Officers in the past year?

  • Yes: 56.0% (45.6%)
  • No: 44.0% (54.0%)
  • Not sure: 0.0% (0.4%)

If yes, was it helpful?

  • Yes: 98.0% (97.2%)
  • No: 0.6% (0.7%) – 1 response
  • Unsure/neither: 1.4% (4.9%)

Any additional comments regarding the visit?

  • ‘Well organised, and very thorough – really useful feedback and ideas to help improve practice’
  • ‘The visit was very helpful to validate our procedures and give us advice on how to keep developing. The officer was helpful, interested and very knowledgeable, engaging in professional and supportive dialogue with myself, our mentors and NQT’s. A positive experience’
  • ‘The visit was certainly detailed as was the report and gave some interesting areas to work on to support our NQTs’
  • ‘It help stress to the Head the fact I was not given additional time to complete the Induction work’
  • ‘The process was thorough, fair and informative’
  • ‘Positive comments and a blame free approach to ISTIP meant that I felt confident that I was doing everything correctly and in the manner that would be most useful to the NQTs I was supporting’
  • ‘Thorough, challenging yet polite and supportive. It was a testing, but positive experience’
  • ‘All staff involved found it purposeful and well placed to gain a better understanding of the standards expected (overseas face-to-face)’
  • ‘It was good that the QA Officer wasn’t purely focused on the administrative side but took the time to get to know the NQTs themselves and what they required/whether those requirements were being met and the NQTs supported’
  • ‘It was generally affirmative, but there was a small inconsistency with the training course. We were largely (and sensibly) told to focus on professional development in our weekly mentor meeting, whereas the QA officer was much keener for me to emphasize paperwork’

3. Training

Have you attended, or are you booked to attend, IStip training this academic year?

  • Yes: 51.0% (39.4%)
  • No: 49.0% (60.6%)

Was it helpful?

  • Yes: 99.4% (93.4%)
  • No: 0.6% (1.6%)
  • Yes and no: 0.0% (4.9%)

Any additional comments regarding the training?

  • ‘Very useful discussion regarding ensuring paperwork is manageable and very useful examples’
  • ‘Excellent delivery. Excellent resources’
  • ‘I felt well informed and well prepared once the training was finished’
  • ‘I also attended the ‘Developing your skills as a mentor’ on 09.11.17 which was very helpful. It was particularly helpful to think through how to support NQTs when they are finding things difficult or overwhelming.’
  • ‘REALLY useful. I had been on a training course last time I mentored an NQT and it was really valuable to recap the basics and update on the changes’
  • ‘Observing an NQT session was very useful’
  • Would it be possible to run a mentor’s lesson observation course? We use the ISI lesson observation course but it’s more directed towards inspection preparation?

4. IStip Paperwork/Pro Formas

Have you found this helpful?

  • Yes: 98.9% (97.5%)
  • No: 1.1% (2.2%)
  • Yes and no: 0.0% (0.3%)

Which particular forms did you find most useful?

  • A large number of responses said “All”.
  • Notable mentions included the exemplar assessment forms, the Evidence Tracker, Lesson Observation Forms, Evidencing the Standards Guide & the Regular Meeting minutes

Any other comments about the paperwork:

  • ‘Easy to follow’
  • ‘Well organised forms; easy to access; makes the gathering of evidence very straightforward…thank you; a real time saver’
  • ‘Liked the way they follow on from each other, makes logical sense and very easy to use’
  • ‘I largely liked the integration between the forms so that the final assessment form could largely be constructed from the information on the others’
  • ‘All very well thought out, scaffolded to assist, but not so formulaic or rigid that they are time-consuming or difficult to complete’
  • ‘The NQT at risk paperwork might work better if there is a link between the factors to consider and questions to ask with the action plan as there was some duplication with these. Clearer guidance on how to exit the at risk status might be helpful’
  • ‘I don’t understand why a formal progress review meeting is necessary for the second half of each term, since we seem to repeat ourselves during the end of term assessment meeting’
  • ‘Paperwork seemed repetitive and very time-consuming’
  • ‘Far too many different bits of paperwork to fill out, often repeating yourself over and over again. Too much faff!’

(There was again correlation between those not trained and those finding the paperwork repetitive or onerous)

5. Online NQT Manager

Have you registered an NQT onto the NQT Manager system this year?

  • Yes: 86.6% (81.7%)
  • No: 13.4% (18.3%)

Have you found the system easy to access?

  • Yes: 99.2% (98.9%)
  • No: 0.8% (1.1%)

Have you found the system easy to use?

  • Yes: 99.2% (98.9%)
  • No: 0.8% (0.7%)

Have you any additional comments about NQT Manager?

  • ‘Easy to use’
  • ‘Very user-friendly and again the training on the NQT manager helped to guide and direct. Thank you for this tool’
  • ‘I want to be able to change my user number/name’

6. IStip website

Have you visited our main website this year?

  • Yes: 85.0% (82.6%)
  • No: 15.0% (17.4%)

Have you found the website easy to access?

  • Yes: 99.2% (99.6%)
  • No: 0.8% (0.4%)

Have you found the website easy to use?

  • Yes: 99.2% (99.2%)
  • No: 0.8% (0.4%)
  • Yes and no: 0.0% (0.4%)

Have you any additional comments about

  • ‘Excellent support – well thought through. Admin and support materials are exactly what is needed – and not too cluttered both in terms of style and quality of proformas’

7. Is there any further support we could offer you?

  • ‘No, we sailed through the year!’
  • ‘Nope it has been brilliant’
  • ‘No, contact and resources are really great and training set me up well for supporting NQT’
  • ‘None. The support from IStip in my first year as Head of ITT has been outstanding. Thank you.’
  • ‘Would like to have more training for NQTs. My NQT is the only one at our school and it would be great to get her mixing more often than once a term.
  • It would be helpful to get an outline of the training content form the NQT days
  • Would love to link with another school and do a swap so each NQT gets to see what life is like in a different school’
  • Please could you make it more explicit which schools host the NQT days for prep schools – our three have been going to Wellington and certainly found the second day must more public school focused

8. Do you have any other comments about IStip?

  • ‘A robust system for NQT support!’
  • ‘Excellently and professionally run;
  • ‘Overall, IStip is brilliant. They offer clarity and no nonsense help when I need it. I have been using IStip for 10 consecutive years’
  • ‘I have always found staff very responsive and supportive, guiding me through any concerns or queries with detail, particularly when I believed I may have an NQT at risk’
  • ‘This has been our first experience working with IStip and it has been a positive learning curve for our management team’
  • ‘All the training, communication and support are excellent. I cannot fault any of it, very well organised, prompt responders, excellent!’

Further information

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