Induction Tutor Survey

2018-2019 Survey

Each year we send our Induction Coordinators and Tutors a brief survey to obtain their views about the IStip service, including training courses offered, and the quality assurance visit.

This year, 303 of those emailed completed the survey compared to 285 last year. All tutors were emailed, but not all had NQTs. In each case, the figure shown in brackets is for 2017-2018.

1. Communication

Please rate the following as Excellent/Good/Satisfactory/Poor

Email contact:

  • Excellent: 82% (86%)
  • Good: 14% (13%)
  • Satisfactory: 1.5% (0%)
  • Poor: 0% (0%)
  • N/A (no contact): 2.5% (1%)

Telephone contact:

  • Excellent: 36% (33%)
  • Good: 5% (5.9%)
  • Satisfactory: 0.7% (0.1%)
  • Poor: 0.3% (0%)
  • N/A (no contact): 58% (61%)

If you rate either as ‘poor’, could you say why?

  • ‘No one is there to answer the phone’

2. Quality Assurance Visit

Has your school had a Quality Assurance visit from one of our QA Officers in the past year?

  • Yes: 59% (56%)
  • No: 39% (44%)
  • Don’t know: 2% (0%)

If yes, was it helpful?

  • Yes: 97% (98%)
  • No: 1.5% (0.6%)
  • No answer/don’t know: 1.5% (1.4%)

Any additional comments regarding the visit?

  • ‘Fantastic’
  • ‘Thoughtful and supportive’
  • ‘Hugely impressed with the visit. It helped to build confidence’
  • ‘Thorough and professional’
  • ‘Knowledgeable and insightful’
  • ‘Positive, realistic and understanding approach’
  • ‘Reassuring’
  • ‘More of a focus on the process than the substance’

3. Training

Have you attended, or are you booked to attend, IStip training this academic year?

  • Yes: 43% (51%)
  • No: 57% (49%)

Was it helpful?

  • Yes: 99.2% (99.4%)
  • No: 0.8% (0.6%)

Any additional comments regarding the training?

  • ‘Run by dedicated, passionate speakers who made me happy to be a mentor’
  • ‘A great reminder and good fun’
  • ‘Friendly and focused. Excellent pro formas’
  • ‘Some of the better training I’ve been on’
  • ‘Invaluable’
  • ‘Reassuring’
  • ‘Clear and methodical’

4. IStip Paperwork/Pro Formas

Have you found this helpful?

  • Yes: 97.8% (98.9%)
  • No: 1.6% (1.1%)
  • No answer: 0.6% (0%)

Which particular forms did you find most useful?

  • The Tutor/NQT Guides
  • Exemplars (assessments)
  • Evidence Tracker
  • ADP
  • LO Forms (of)
  • All!

Any other comments about the paperwork:

  • ‘Clear and precise’
  • ‘Easy to use and follow’
  • ‘Manageable’
  • ‘Idiot-proof’
  • ‘Duplication between forms’
  • ‘Onerous’

5. Online NQT Manager

Have you registered an NQT onto the NQT Manager system this year?

  • Yes: 80% (86.6%)
  • No: 20% (13.4%)

Have you found the system easy to access?

  • Yes: 98% (99.2%)
  • No: 2% (0.8%)

Have you found the system easy to use?

  • Yes: 98.5% (99.2%)
  • No: 1.5% (0.8%)

Have you any additional comments about NQT Manager?

  • Two Tutors had issues with access as they had been NQTs on the system previously
  • ‘Easy to use’
  • ‘User names not numbers!’

6. IStip website

Have you visited our main website this year?

  • Yes: 85% (85%)
  • No: 15% (15%)

Have you found the website easy to access?

  • Yes: 100% (99.2%)
  • No: 0% (0.8%)

Have you found the website easy to use?

  • Yes: 99% (99.2%)
  • No: 1% (0.8%)

Have you any additional comments about

  • ‘All very ordered and clear where to access documents’
  • ‘Easy to use’
  • ‘Straightforward’
  • ‘Clear and concise’
  • ‘It works but it could be pepped up if there’s time and expertise’

7. Is there any further support we could offer you?

  • Perhaps a list at start of year of availability of the assessment paperwork (dates)?
  • Perhaps further meetings/online forum to discuss how to support issues that arise with NQTs and how best to support them through these? Like the NQTs have through their regional meetings?
  • It would be a good idea to split training so that there are ‘beginners’ and ‘refresher’ levels and an opportunity for schools to share good practice
  • It would be good to complete the ADP, Evidence Tracker, Formal Progress Reviews, Observations, Weekly Meetings and the Record of Induction digitally through the NQT Manager. This would negate the need for paper copies and would allow IStip to regularly monitor completion of these documents remotely.
  • No, but I really like the school visits. Not only do they provide some impetus for the NQT and Induction Tutor/Co-Ordinator to ensure that we are completing all the necessary steps but I have really valued the advice and encouragement given too.
  • Online webinars for those overseas

8. Do you have any other comments about IStip?

  • Really appreciate you put people before process.
  • I have been very impressed with the work IStip do. They are always very quick to respond to any queries and do so with the utmost clarity and efficiency. There is no nonsense or obfuscating here, but everything is communicated very precisely and well. IStip materials are designed to be as user friendly as possible and there is a sense that everything has been done with a clear purpose in view.
  • Always so personable, efficient and prompt in response – such an impressive operation!
  • You have always been extremely helpful and clear in all our professional interactions. Very many thanks for everything.
  • Receiving prompt and positive feedback on the end of term reports was highly appreciated.
  • IStip have provided really useful guidance and structures – allowing the NQT that I tutor to make a first rate start to his teaching career. Thank you.
  • Very impressive – have found the whole process/support for NQTs extremely rewarding and invaluable CPD.
  • Doing a grand job. Always respond promptly to cries for help. Makes us confident that we are providing high quality support, monitoring and development for NQTs.
  • I have nothing but positive feedback to give on IStip and the support they have provided for me as mentor, and more importantly for my NQT in terms of her regional meetings and subsequent support we have been able to put in school.
  • The support via e mail or phone is prompt and always excellent. I would definitely recommend Istip as a reliable and highly professional provider.
  • I find IStip so helpful, professional and supportive. Having worked with them for several years, I would highly recommend them. Everyone I have spoken to or had email contact with has been incredible.
  • I think that IStip is just about the best organisation I have come across in recent years – the NQT year becomes so much easier when you are following such a water-tight and rigorous programme. We are very grateful for all your hard work behind the scenes!
  • The personal support is amazing, how quickly we can get in touch and have a response. It feels like no question is difficult of awkward!
  • QAV – It really helped me/us to understand the process better and gave me an opportunity to ask questions and clarify anything that I was unsure about. The person that visited us was so helpful and made me feel that I could ask anything

Further information

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