2019-20 Pro Formas: Copyright

Induction information for Coordinators and Tutors

This page is for pro formas for 2019-20. Forms for 2020-2021 are also available.

Along with the NQT Guide and the Tutor Guide, we’ve put together this handy list of all key forms (based on the Minimum Requirements of Evidence document) for you to download and use, either electronically or in hard copy. We’ve also included guides to observing lessons, the Action/Development Plan and writing an assessment form, along with exemplar assessment forms and a guide on common errors.

Important: Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

Before proceeding, we ask you to affirm that you will only download and use this material if you are an authorised Induction Coordinator/Tutor overseeing statutory teacher induction at a school affiliated to IStip and its associations.

Any material you download is for use by you and your registered NQTs in the teacher induction that you are overseeing, and may not be passed on to organisations not affiliated with IStip without our express written permission. No charge can be made to any third party for the supply of these documents.

You and your NQTs may modify the documents for your own use providing that they retain clear attribution and credit to IStip, but no modified documents may be passed on to any third party. This is in order to ensure that there is no confusion about the official, authorised material that should be used.

Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions stated here could result in legal action being taken.

I have read and agree to these terms and conditions, and to respect the copyright of IStip.
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More information about IStip’s intellectual property rights and the terms and conditions of use of our material (including this website) is available.

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