Early Career Framework

Induction information for Coordinators and Tutors

What is the ECF?

It has been designed to support and retain early career teachers

It is not an assessment tool for ECTs

Independent schools can choose to follow their own design (school based) or to use free open-source materials provided by the DfE (known as the core programme). The fully funded route (FIP) is not available to independent schools

 The School Based Programme

Adapt and augment existing practice, making reference to the ECF

School can use any of the core materials from any provider if they wish, ie pick and mix/in any order to assist them

The Core Programme

If you choose to follow the core route, you must choose 1 of the 4 providers and follow their programme from start to finish.

The Core Providers are:

Ambition Institute – https://www.early-career-framework.education.gov.uk/ambition/

Education Development Trust – https://www.early-career-framework.education.gov.uk/edt/

Teach First – https://www.early-career-framework.education.gov.uk/teachfirst/

UCL – https://www.early-career-framework.education.gov.uk/ucl/

The Early Career Framework can be found here

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