How the induction process works

Induction information for Coordinators and Tutors

Getting started

  1. Check if you have log ins for the online NQT Manager (you need this to register ECTs/complete reviews & assessments)
  2. Register your Early Career Teacher/s
  3. Access the paperwork from the resources section of the NQT Manager
  4. If not already trained, book onto the next available IStip tutor training OR arrange with Tamazin Steele to access the videos we supply (whichever more convenient for you / if the timings are out to attend the webinars)
  5. Look through the IStip ECT checklist to see what needs to be done in each term
  6. Meet your ECT/s and decide on regular meeting slot/s for mentoring and support
  7. Set up a date for the first formal lesson observation (within 4 weeks our ECT starting with you)
  8. Complete the IStip pre induction checklist

During induction


Your ECT is entitled to an ECF-based programme of support. You will choose either a Core ECF programme or a School Based ECF programme.

Regular meetings with a mentor should be held throughout the year. These should be based around the ECF and the ECT’s individual needs.


Your ECF should be formally observed (against the Teachers’ Standards)

Reviews of progress will be completed online in terms 1, 2, 4, 5

Formal assessments will be completed at the end of year 1 and in term 3 of year 2

Targets should be set, and reviewed

Your ECT should gather evidence of their progress against the Standards

Further information and paperwork can be found in the resources section of the NQT Manager

Troubleshooting: what to do if your ECTs experience difficulties

They probably won’t, and the vast majority induction to be a positive and rewarding experience. But sometimes a wobble becomes a bit more of a problem.

If your ECT does experience any difficulties you don’t feel can be easily resolved, or if you feel they may be at risk of failing their induction, then please get in touch with us. You should also refer to section 4 of the Statutory Guidance and the Action Plan for an ECT at risk, in the resources section of NQT Manager.

ECTs with a reduced timetable

If an ECT has a full time contract, but has a lighter teaching load than the norm e.g because they have boarding or other responsibilities then they can be considered full time for induction and should be registered as such.

IStip support visits

IStip visits some 40% of each ECT cohort every year. The visits are supportive and give you an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarity.

If there are issues around a school’s compliance with the Statutory Guidance and Regulations, we will work with you to find a solution.

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