Quality Assurance Visit

As an Appropriate Body, we have a duty to assure ourselves that schools understand and are able to meet their responsibilities for overseeing NQT induction in their particular institution. We do this in part by visiting some 25% of each NQT cohort.

Visits take place from October half term until May half term (occasionally earlier and later) and are carried out by the eight-strong team of quality assurance officers, and the staff at IStip head office.

Most are random, but we do prioritise schools who have never been visited, schools with multiple NQTs, and schools where tutors have indicated they would like to get additional support.

All schools where there are NQTs at risk will immediately get a visit, and sometimes two.

The visit

The visit is not an inspection.

Tutors surveyed reported that they found the experience to be helpful and positive. We do not observe or judge the NQT because that role belongs to the school with all their professional expertise. Instead we check processes (for compliance with what is a statutory procedure), offer support to tutors and NQTs, and make what we hope are helpful suggestions. We use the evidence requirements sheet, for this.

We meet with all those involved in the process, and report back orally to the Head at the end of the visit. A written report, reiterating the verbal feedback, is produced and emailed securely to the school.

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