Questions about registration

Induction information for Coordinators and Tutors

This page provides you with information, advice and tips for filling in the NQT Manager registration screens in order to register an NQT onto the system. Please make sure that you’ve read the information on the registration process as a whole before you start.

Filling in the online form

Page 1

Page 1 consists of the NQT’s basic details.

  • Title
  • First name: Middle name(s) not required
  • Last name
  • Previous surname
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Teacher Reference Number: If the NQT does not know this number please ask them to contact their ITT provider or the Teaching Regulation Agency on 020 7593 5394
  • Registration type (tick boxes): Choose from NQT new to induction, existing NQT who has completed some induction at the school or existing NQT who has completed induction elsewhere. If an NQT has completed some induction elsewhere you will need to send IStip copies of any assessments.

You may get a warning that the NQT’s details cannot be found on the Teaching Regulation Agency database – this is possibly because QTS has not yet been awarded. To proceed please click ‘save, skip Teaching Regulation Agency check & continue’ at the bottom of the page. The system will run a weekly search against the TRA database until QTS has been awarded and the NQT’s record can be updated.

Page 2

Page 2 registers the NQT for induction.

  • Start date of induction: Please select from the dates in the pull-down box (these are generic start dates). Please do not select ‘Started between terms’. Note that induction cannot be backdated.

    For 2018/19, the registration deadlines are as follows:

    • Wednesday, September 12 2018 (for a 2018 autumn term start)
    • Friday, January 11 2019 (for a 2019 spring term start)
    • Friday, April 26 2019 (for a 2019 summer term start)

    NQTs beginning induction after a half term must be registered by the first day of the second half of term.

  • How many days per week:
    • 5 days = Full time
    • 4.5 days = 0.9 (90%)
    • 4 days = 0.8 (80%)
    • 3.5 days = 0.7 (70%)
    • 3 days = 0.6 (60%)
    • 2.5 days = 0.5 (50%)
    • 2 days = 0.4 (40%)
    • 1.5 days = 0.3 (30%)
    • 1 days = 0.2 (20%)
    • 0.5 days = 0.1 (10%) Please note: we will not accept an NQT teaching such a small timetable
  • Contract type: Permanent/Temporary – if temporary or limited term (for an NQT who has served some induction elsewhere, or who is undertaking a reduced period induction. Shortened inductions for experienced teachers must be agreed by IStip in advance. Please add reasons and contact end date information.
  • Year(s) NQT is to teach: What year(s) will the NQT be teaching at the school? Hold down the Ctrl key and click to choose more than one.
  • Subject(s): What subject(s) will they be teaching? Hold down the Ctrl key and click to choose more than one.
  • Tick boxes to be completed:
    • Has the NQT been DBS checked?
    • Have references been sought for this NQT?
    • Has this NQT completed the skills tests for Numeracy and Literacy? NQTs trained in Wales do not need to take the skills tests
  • Induction Tutor: Please pick from pull-down list or add details of new tutor.

Page 3

This section provides details of the NQT’s training and qualification to date.

  • QTS awarded: If the NQT has not yet completed ITT, please leave this as today’s date – it will be updated when the system checks against the register of teachers (National College of Teaching and Learning)
  • Teacher Training Institution: Where the NQT trained as a teacher
  • Qualification awarded: Choose from PGCE/School Direct/Bed/BA with QTS/Assessment only route etc.
  • Qualified Subjects: What subject did they train in during ITT?
  • Qualified age range(s): What age range are they qualified to teach. (Please note: once QTS has been awarded, a teacher is free to teach any age range or subject)

Page 4

This screen collects the contact details for the NQT.

  • NQT’s home address and telephone numbers: Please also ensure the Teaching Regulation Agency has an up-to-date address for the NQT

Page 5

This screen helps to ensure the appropriate training options for the NQT.

  • Prior teaching experience: We give this information to regional centres, so they can cater for experienced teachers attending their meetings.
  • Subject Tutor name: Not all NQTs will have a separate subject tutor
  • Regional meeting venue: Please choose from the pull-down list (a list of regional training facilities is also available on this website.)

Page 6

This screen gives you one last chance to check all the registration details that you have entered before you submit the completed registration to IStip.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the registration. It’s important that you take a moment to check everything is correct, but information can be changed once a registration has been submitted.