Registering ECTs

Induction information for Induction Leads and Tutors

All ECTs must be registered with IStip online using the ECT Manager system, before the registration deadline. You will need to know the ECT’s Teacher Reference Number before a registration can be completed, and the ECT must have been awarded QTS.

2022-2023 Deadlines

  • Friday 16th September (for a 2022 Autumn term start)
  • Friday 13th January (for a 2023 Spring term start)
  • Friday 21st April (for a 2023 Summer term start)


For an ECT registered for the two year programme the fee will be £594 (invoiced in full at the start of Year 1).

ECTs registered with a temporary contract, the fee for Year 1 will be £396 and for Year 2 it will be £198.

If an ECT is completing a term of induction the fee is £132.

For legacy NQTs the fee will be £132 per term.

The fee MUST be paid by the school.

We will authorise an ECT once fully registered. Once authorised, the ECT will receive an email with their login details, and a request for them to log into the ECT Manager and confirm that they have read our privacy notice which explains their rights as data subjects. A fuller version of the privacy notice can be found here.

Using the ECT Manager

If the school has not already registered a Tutor, Induction Lead or Headteacher, please click on “Register as an induction lead”.

Once you have completed your details, and you have been authorised, you will be sent an email confirming your username and password.

You will be prompted to create a record for the Head of the school; they will then be sent an email with a username and password, which they will need to sign assessment forms, as they are legally responsible for induction.

The ‘Dashboard’ on the ECT Manager will indicate any outstanding/incomplete registrations or assessments, and the system will also send reminder emails for missing information, or upcoming assessments.

In the Help & Support section, there are manuals available for all users of the ECT Manager – please check this first should you have any queries about using the site.

To register an ECT, click “Add New” on the Dashboard. The questions you will be asked can be found here.

Experienced ECTs

If you have an experienced ECT it may be possible to reduce the overall length of the induction period. Please contact us to  discuss the options.

Registering ECTs between terms

If you attempt to register an ECT ‘between terms’, IStip will amend the registration to either the start of the coming term, or half term, whichever is closest.


IStip will invoice the School for the registration fee.

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