Latest Induction Guidance

1. Eligibility, Appropriate (and other) Bodies

  • Additional Appropriate Bodies: teaching schools (who may only be AB to NQTs outside their school) and National Induction Panel for Teachers (NIPT) for academies and maintained schools
  • Qualified teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA are deemed to qualified in England (and therefore are exempt from induction)
  • Teachers holding QTLS (FE qualification) deemed to be qualified in England (and therefore are exempt from induction)
  • Overseas schools in membership of DfE approved associations and having a fully accredited BSO inspection are eligible to offer induction to NQTs
  • National College for Teaching & Leadership (NCTL) is the new Appeals and administering body for teacher qualifications

2. Process of Induction

  • One opportunity to complete induction: NQTs may not re-start or re-take the year
  • Experienced teachers may complete a shortened period of induction (min. of one term) if agreement reached by NQT, Head and AB before induction may begin
  • If records of induction are lost, AB has discretion to allow induction to be validated (with certain caveats)
    Induction Tutors must be given time to fulfil their role
  • National Curriculum requirements cut

Download the revised (April 2018) Guidance in PDF format.

Please note: This version has undergone minor changes in the main, to replace the NCTL with the TRA. However, it contains no substantive changes to the latest version of the guidance that was released by the Department for Education in December 2016. Any NQT policy/policy documentation within a school must refer to this/the current version.