Teachers’ Standards

  • The Standards consist of 3 parts: an introduction; Part I – Teaching; Part II Personal and Professional Conduct
  • The eight Teachers’ Standards in Part I are intentionally broad.
  • These Standards apply to all teachers from student teachers embarking upon ITT; to experienced teachers (and in the maintained sector will be used to as part of the performance management criteria). Therefore the role and context in which they are applied is a key one. Your ECT will be assessed against these Standards in your school, and in the job they have been employed to do.
  • The Standards must be seen as on-going, therefore they cannot be signed off before the end of the induction year; and only then in the context and role in which the ECT is operating.
  • The bullets under the eight Standards in Part I must not be seen as separate (or sub) Standards. They are there to amplify the scope of the overall Standard, and are neither compulsory nor exhaustive.
  • The three bullets in Part Two cover teacher professionalism and conduct.

The Teaching Standards can be downloaded in full PDF format.

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