Proposed Changes to Statutory NQT Induction

From September 2021, it is proposed that NQT induction will become a two year process for most NQTs. A pilot scheme (which will not be compulsory) will run in some areas from September 2020.

Likely changes

These are the main changes being proposed as of August 2019. All currently remain subject to confirmation:

  • Induction will take place over two years. Experienced NQTs – and some part timers who have nearer to full time timetables – may be able to reduce this, but the minimum period that can be served is expected to be one year.
  • NQTs will require a 10% timetable reduction in year 1; 5% in year 2.
  • It is likely there will be three assessment points over two years.
  • The second year is likely to look different in terms of its shape and expectation from the first year
  • All NQTs will have a Mentor. The exact nature of this role is not yet known.
  • All schools and NQTs will be required to pay heed to the Early Career Framework for NQTs. It is envisaged there will be open access materials to support this; the ECF is not to be used as an assessment tool.
  • Appropriate Bodies (such as IStip) will need to ensure the quality of induction and the use of the ECF.

Remaining unchanged

  • The Standards will remain unchanged and NQTs will still be assessed against these, but over a two year period.
  • There are no planned changes to QTS (ie the initial teacher training period).

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