Changes to Statutory Induction from Sep 2021

These are the main changes:

  • Induction will take place over two years. Experienced teachers may be able to reduce this. 
  • NQTs will be known as Early Career Teachers (ECTs)
  • ECTs will require a 10% timetable reduction in year 1; 5% in year 2.
  • There will be two assessment points over two years.
  • All NQTs will have a Mentor. 
  • ECTs should have an Early Career Framework (ECF) based induction. The ECF is not to be used as an assessment tool.
  • The Standards will remain unchanged and NQTs will still be assessed against these, but over a two year period.
  • Appropriate Bodies (such as IStip) will need to ensure the quality of induction and the use of the ECF.

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