Welcome to IStip

The Independent Schools Teacher Induction Panel is an England-wide and overseas statutory body for induction. We set and uphold high standards with regards to the processes and procedures of induction within our schools, whilst using our experience to enable these schools to provide quality and meaningful induction for their teachers.

Legacy NQT paperwork and ECT paperwork  All paperwork is located in the resources section of ECT Manager
Changes to Induction from September 2021 ECT induction is changing from September 2021. Find out more here.
Fee / Registration dates for 2022-23 If you’re planning on registering an ECT for the next academic year, make sure you know all the upcoming deadlines.
Regional training centre dates Details for IStip courses for ECTs are currently being held at regional training centres around the country. We hope to hold regional meetings from March 2022, ECT CPD will be online Autumn 2021/Spring 2022
Teachers’ Standards and the latest Induction Guidance Find out about the the teaching standards and get up to date with the latest statutory regulations and guidance.

We have organised the site into three sections that can be accessed directly from the tabs at the top of the page:

  • before induction, which deals with questions about qualifying to teach, and provides a little information on the independent sector;
  • during induction, which covers the actual process itself and is divided into sections for Induction Coordinators/Tutors and ECTs;
  • after induction, which covers what happens after the final assessment form is submitted as well as the matter of further or continuing professional development.

On all pages, there is a link to the online ECT Manager, which is the system used by schools and IStip to administer the process.